Fractals and Modelling

XenoDream and XenoDream X

XenoDream and XenoDream X are unique 3D graphics programs for casual play or serious creativity. With both simple shapes and fractal structures, you can choose whether to design something specific or explore the unknown. Either way it's interactive, positioning objects on screen and adjusting parameters. Choose from hundreds of ways to transform the parts. They have built-in image rendering, and can export meshes, point clouds and depth maps. Many features, including animation and diverse lighting and material effects.

XenoDream is the original program, with development stopped at v2.7. XenoDream X is the next generation, completely redesigned to be faster (fully multi-core), easier to learn and use, and more capable. XenoDream has some features (such as DOF, stereograms, and a texture editor for skies and other backgrounds) that are not yet implemented in XenoDream X.

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XenoDream v2.7 vs XenoDream X


Jux is a 2D Julia and Mandelbrot fractal explorer with advanced lighting options. It has a variety of formulas and a real-time Julia set explorer. Easy to change color and lighting, mostly with real-time preview. Fully multi-core; anti-aliased rendering.

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Plugins for Adobe Photoshop

These are no longer available, as they only worked with 32 bit image editors, which are rarely used now.

64 bit versions of these plugins could not be produced due to lack of a 64 bit Photoshop SDK for Delphi.