What's new in Jux

What's new in Jux v1.700 (since v1.600)

Main window

Changed thread priorities to improve system responsiveness. Render priority is reduced from Lowest to Idle, and Preview priority is reduced to Idle when Jux is in the background.

Formula tab

Added the Magnetic #1 formula, ((z^2+A-1)/(Bz+A-2))^2+c, with angle adjustment for A.

Added an Axis Angle parameter to the Burning Ship formula.

Gradient editor

In the Adjust HSV dialog, added a label to show the minimum and maximum brightness.

In the Sample panel, added a button to Replace Nodes from Active onwards, for building gradients from multiple samples.

What's new in Jux v1.600 (since v1.500)

Formula tab

Added the Duckrats formula, (Az.Ln(z)+B)/(Dz.Ln(z)+E)+c with angle adjustment for D.

Fixed a bug where after using a sine formula, high bailout did not work correctly for other formulas until Classic was used or Jux was restarted.

Gradient editor

Fixed a bug in v1.5 where importing map files with more than 400 colors did not import the extra colors.

What's new in Jux v1.500 (since v1.401)

Main window

Slight improvement in multi-core performance for the preview and explorer.

Formula tab

Added the Rat rot formula, 1/(Az^N+Bz^M+Dz+E)+c with angle adjustment for A, B and D.

Added the Sinoration formula, sin((Az^N+B)/(Dz^M+E))+c.

Fixed a bug where the rendered image could differ from the preview when the View controls had Flip Vertical checked and Angle not 0. The rendered image used incorrect lighting angles.

Fixed a bug in the Sinopoly formula when neither N nor M was positive, with Interior regions incorrectly calculated as In Set.

Fixed a bug where some formulas could give results for strongly zoomed images that were not reproducible. The formulas affected are Rats, Duckses, SineShine.

Gradient editor

Increased the maximum number of gradient nodes from 400 to 512. Map files with 512 nodes can now be imported.

Coloring tab

Increased the number of coloring memory spots from 15 to 21.

Lighting tab

Added a button to lock the environment map when opening presets or memory spots.

What's new in Jux v1.401 (since v1.302)

Main window

Jux now starts in Mandelbrot mode by default, when first opened (if not reading settings from a previous installation).

Fixed a system bug (under Windows Vista or later) where pressing the Alt key can cause some buttons, radio buttons and checkboxes to disappear until the window needs refreshing.

The Preview Progress label and the Julia/Mandelbrot label are no longer transparent, to solve the same system bug under Windows XP.

Fixed a bug in v1.3 in Preferences where the Startup Default Color Scheme was only remembered if it was 4 or less.

Formula tab

Added the Cubic Rational 2 formula. This is (N3.z^3+N2.z^2+N1.z+N0)/(D2.z^2+D0)+c plus a D2 Angle control.

Added the Sinopoly formula, sin(Az^N + Bz^M) + c.

Added the SineShine formula, sin(1/sinh(1/z)) + c.

Fixed a bug where some formula settings with large Low Bailout (especially in Duckses) could crash Jux without warning.

Gradient editor

In the Sampling panel, clicking the Random Alternating Gradient button now modifies the existing gradient. Ctrl-click to randomize the colors independently.

In the Sampling panel, changed the Nodes control from a dropdown list to a numeric control.

Added a button in the Smooth panel to Replace Sample Gradient. This lets you replace the source gradient after shuffling.

Gradient presets can import Fractint .map files and .gradient files (same format as .ugr files). You can select multiple files to import at once.

Render window

Improved the quality of Adaptive Fast and Adaptive Best anti-aliasing.

Pressing the Alt key no longer switches back to the Main window.

What's new in Jux v1.302 (since v1.301)

Formula tab

Fixed a bug in v1.301 where the Burning Ship formula gave the wrong results.

Gradient editor

Ctrl-clicking the color panel hides Jux and activates the eyedropper to pick a color from the desktop or other programs.

What's new in Jux v1.301 (since v1.200)

Main window

Moved the Main panel above the Preview pane, and rearranged its controls.

The window width is automatically adjusted if it's too small and the screen width is sufficient.

If the screen height is less than 790 the preview size is automatically set to 640x480 when Jux is started.

Moved the Storage controls to the top of each tab.

The title bar caption now shows * at the end of the title when the parameters have changed since the last save or open.

The pixel region counts are now updated during the preview calculations, and the corresponding panels are expanded/collapsed during the preview.

Added a Preview Pixel Inspector button, to show a tooltip in the Preview pane with information about the pixel under the mouse pointer.

Ctrl-clicking a gradient strip opens the Gradient editor with the sampling panel already open.

Changing the color or lighting while the preview is still in progress no longer causes temporary grid patterns in the preview.

Fixed a bug where collapsing and expanding some panels (manually or automatically) caused some controls to be enabled when they should be disabled.

Formula tab

Added 10 C memory spots to the storage panel. When exploring, press k to store the C value to the next free C spot without having to jump to that Julia location.

Reduced minimum Max Iterations to 4 and increased maximum to 4194304.

Reduced minimum High Bailout from 0.1 to 0.01, and added another decimal place.

In the Mandelbrot panel, rearranged controls and changed the Method override to Interior override, with options Yes, Auto, No, for whether to calculate the Interior regions for a Mandelbrot.

In the Julia panel, added a label showing if there are similar basins, with an option to merge them. This can fix visual defects due to intertwined basins.

Many formulas now have two new Abs modes.

Added four new formulas: Real power, a real power rational, Duckses and Kalisets.

Fixed a bug where Formula memory spots remembered whether lighting is enabled.

Fixed a bug where the Reset View button was resetting the zoom but not the value in the Zoom control.

Coloring tab

Rearranged the storage panel to have 5x3 default color schemes and 5x3 color memory spots. Changed the set of default schemes.

The panel locks now also protect controls when restoring Color memory spots.

Rearranged the Boundary panel to fit in one line, renaming Thickness to W (for Width) and Alphablend to Fade.

Added a panel for In Set, with options to color pixels in the Mandelbrot or Julia set.

The Exterior, Interior and Field lines gradient strips are now cycled to show the effect of their Offset controls.

Added an extra decimal place to the Exterior gradient Density control.

Added Spot, Spot 2 and Teardrop patterns in Exterior textures.

In the Interior panel, moved the texture controls to a Texture tab. Renamed the Base tab to Basins and added controls to vary the coloring between different basins or sub-basins.

The Randomize Interior Colors button now randomizes parameters in the current tab. Ctrl-clicking is no longer necessary.

Added Spot and Ripples patterns in Interior textures.

Added the Ripples pattern in Field lines.

Added a Clear Turbulence button to reset Turbulence controls.

Fixed bugs where the Interior gradient Density and Offset controls did not support Undo/Redo.

Lighting tab

The panel locks now also protect controls when restoring Lighting memory spots.

Added a Fill Light control to the Light Sources panel for lightening steep slopes.

Added a panel for In Set, with controls to use a surface contour for pixels in the Mandelbrot or Julia set.

The contour Depth controls can now be negative to invert the contour, and the maximum is now 300.

Added the Mean Z contour for Interior regions.

Added Teardrops, Circ Ripples, Ripperlin, Long Ripples and Brushed patterns to Noise Type.

Added a button to Randomize Material.

Fixed a bug in v1.2 where some lighting panels were enabled at startup.

Fixed a bug where Env Map Gamma was not saved in parameter files.

Fixed bugs that could cause floating point errors when adjusting lights with Shininess set very high.

Various operations that restarted the preview if it was in progress no longer do so.

Render window

Added an option to crop or extend the viewport when the render aspect ratio differs from the preview. This also fixes problems when the preview aspect was not 4:3.

Added an option to save pictures in PNG format.

Added Batch Rendering support (Registered users only).

The rendered picture can now be zoomed in or out.

Fixed bugs where the rendered highlights and reflections could differ from the preview if the aspect ratios were different, or the preview aspect was less than 4:3.

Fixed a bug where boundary width did not scale correctly with different aspect ratios.

Fixed a bug where rendering could be wrong after using the Browse button in Preferences and later opening a parameter file.

Fixed a bug in saving .bmp files that could prevent them from being opened in Filter Forge.

Fixed a bug in rendering a Finite Mandelbrot with Lighting, where it did not calculate interior regions if the Interior contour had a distance option but the Exterior contour did not.

Gradient editor

Gradient Presets can now be exported to .ugr files (UltraFractal gradients). Registered users only.

In the Sample/Smooth/Simplify panel:

Fixed a bug where a Range Check error would occur when opening a gradient with an invalid node position (imported from .ugr files).