What's new in Jux

What's new in Jux v2.502 (since v2.501)

Main window

Added an option in Preferences for whether to Progressively increase iterations in Julia Mode for the preview and explorer.

Formula tab

Added a Numerator Angle parameter in the Rational1 formula.

Fixed a problem with Kalisets type 3 or 4 getting floating point overflows when Pepper is not 0 and c is 0,0.

Lighting tab

In the Environment Map dialog, the list is now sorted so names including numbers are in numeric order.

Gradient Presets dialog

The Gradient list is now sorted so names including numbers are in numeric order.

What's new in Jux v2.501 (since v2.500)

Coloring tab

Fixed a bug in the Cross orbit trap that could cause Jux to crash.

What's new in Jux v2.500 (since v2.400)

Main window

Reduced the maximum refresh rate of the preview.

Preset windows

Added a splitter between the category and preset panels to adjust category width.

In personal preset files you can now delete a category without deleting all its presets first.

Coloring tab

Added two new Orbit Trap shapes: Cross and Starflake.

Added a decimal place to Exterior Density.

Render window

The Render window is now hidden when you click the Main button to switch windows.

Fixed a bug in Lighting with OT texture where an error could cause some incomplete lines in the image.

What's new in Jux v2.400 (since v2.300)

Main window

Improvements in UI updating methods, to reduce chance of freezes.

In the Preview pane, uppercase J,K and O now work as well as lowercase.

Gradient editor

Fixed bugs where the colorpicker was not updated (if open) after restoring memory spots or adjusting HSV/Gamma.

Formula tab

Added the Real Rat formula.

Fixed bugs where the Degree was calculated incorrectly for some parameter combinations in PolyA3, Rat N Real and Zinfundel formulas.

Fixed a bug in the Rational 1 formula, which gave very incorrect results when the numerator was a constant.

Fixed bugs in complex divide routines for handling zero.

Render window

In the Batch Render panel, the caption of the Browse Destination Folder dialog was incorrect.

What's new in Jux v2.300 (since v2.201)

Main window

In the pixel inspector, the OT info now includes the trap number.

Minor operational changes to fix UI issues.

Gradient editor

Increased editor width.

The colorpicker is no longer modal, so you can keep it open while editing the gradient.

Formula tab

Added the Wavers formula.

Added a parameter to Sinoration formula to choose the function (Sin, Tan or SinH).

Coloring tab

Added one new Orbit Trap shape: Leaf 4.

Lighting tab

The Orbit Traps panel is now enabled if Orbit Traps are enabled, regardless of whether any pixels have OT.

What's new in Jux v2.201 (since v2.100)

Main window

Several operational changes to improve responsiveness and reduce UI load, reducing the potential for freezes.

Fixed a bug where Undo and Redo did not correctly add/remove * from the title bar caption.

Fixed a bug in the Gradient Editor where sampling gradients only handled up to 400 samples correctly.

Coloring tab

Now allows up to six independent Orbit Traps.

Added four new Orbit Trap shapes: three leaf shapes and Chain.

Lighting tab

Added controls to Sync orbit trap parameters or edit them individually.

Render window

The Anti-alias setting is now remembered.

What's new in Jux v2.100 (since v2.011)

Main window

In Preferences dialog, added Preview Size option for 960x720 (with 240x180 thumbnail).

In Preferences dialog, added Pane Alignment option.

Formula tab

Added the Magnetic #2 formula.

Added the Zinco formula, (Az^N+B)/(Dz+Ez^2.cosz+F)+c.

Added the Zinfundel formula, A/(F(z)+Bz^N)+Dz^M+c, with choice of trig function F(z).

Added the Gnarls formula, combining Vine, Gnarl and other effects.

Coloring tab

Added 'Final log' to In Set color contour options.

Added ten new Orbit Trap shapes, including Wheel, Gearwheel, several flowers and spiral shell.

Added two decimal places to Orbit Trap Position X and Y controls (only for keyboard editing).

Renamed Orbit Trap Squash control to Dimension.

Fixed a bug where after changing from Julia to Mandelbrot, OT Trap controls caused the preview to flicker between the newest and previous images.

Lighting tab

Added a button to the Environment Map dialog to copy jpg files to the EnvMap folder.

What's new in Jux v2.011 (since v2.010)

Lighting tab

Fixed a bug where some lighting presets in the Split Materials category could freeze Jux if there were any In Set pixels.

What's new in Jux v2.010 (since v2.002)

Coloring tab

Added Randomize and Reset buttons for orbit traps.

Added two Orbit Trap shapes: Grid lines and Heart.

Increased default Orbit Trap Size.

In the Orbit Trap panel the Gradient Curve control now takes effect before the Turbulence iteration Shift Lat/Long controls, instead of after.

Fixed a bug where the Orbit Trap panel could become disabled in some circumstances.

Fixed a bug where the Orbit Trap Polar control was not updated when opening a file or preset.

Fixed a bug where the Orbit Trap Polar option could in some circumstances cause an invalid floating point error.

Fixed a bug where tabbing to the Exterior or Interior panels when collapsed could select a hidden control.

Render window

Increased Jpg quality setting.

What's new in Jux v2.002 (since v1.700)

Orbit trap example

Main window

The major new feature is Orbit Traps for color and lighting.

Sample parameter files are now organized into several folders.

Removed the Quick Julia option.

Formula tab

Fixed a bug where some formula/parameter combinations with low values of Max Iterations could cause floating point overflow errors.

Coloring tab

Updated default color schemes.

Added Scales and Netting patterns to Interior texture.

In the Interior Texture tab, moved the Rot, Skew and Blend controls to a more logical position.

Added a panel for the Orbit Trap region.

Lighting tab

Increased the number of materials from 2 to 4. Instead of having names they are numbered 1 to 4. The various regions now have controls to choose which of the four materials to use.

Added a panel for the Orbit Trap region.