What's new in Jux

What's new in Jux v4.21 (since v4.2)

Formula tab

Added Warp parameters to the Hypertile formula.

Fixed a bug in v4.200 where parameter files with the Devanian formula were saved with incorrect formula ID and would not open correctly.

What's new in Jux v4.2 (since v4.1)

Main window

Command line rendering now allows setting anti-aliasing to the top two options, and defaults to Adaptive 49.

Ctrl-clicking the Copy Parameters to Clipboard button copies the Formula info in plain text.

The gradient strip indicates the color that the mouse points to in the preview, when applicable.

Formula tab

Added A Angle and B Angle parameters to the Devanian formula.

Coloring tab

Added Spiral balls Orbit Trap Shape.

Fixed possible floating point overflow errors in Part calculation in some Orbit Trap shapes.

Lighting tab

Fixed a bug where in some circumstances some pixels that are Exterior without lighting become In Set in the Preview with lighting enabled.

What's new in Jux v4.1 (since v4.001)

Main window

The Save/Rename Preset dialog now shows a list of existing preset names in the current category.

Right-clicking in the Preview now shows a Render Sample popup with a 56x56 anti-aliased render.

Changed how Ctrl-dragging in the Preview works. Now the start point is the center and dragging draws a rectangle with the same aspect ratio as the preview.

Fixed a bug where pressing Ctrl after the mouse button for zooming would draw solid yellow rectangles that didn't erase until the mouse button was released.

Fixed a bug where Ctrl-dragging while the preview was in progress had erratic rectangle drawing.

Formula tab

Increased Low Bailout limits to between -8 and 40.

Fixed a bug where opening a file from a later version with extra formula parameters caused a crash.

Coloring tab

Added Bipyramid in Exterior texture patterns and Interior and Orbit Trap texture Pattern 1.

Increased range of Power to -20 to 20 in Exterior, Interior and Orbit Trap textures.

Fixed a bug since v3.7 where saving a color preset with orbit traps caused an error.

Render window

Added an option in the Render Options panel to Render Depth Map, with Normalize and Invert options.

What's new in Jux v4.001 (since v3.901)

Main window

The Fast Mandelbrot Preview option now includes Mean |z| coloring and uses full Fibers calculations instead of default options.

Formula tab

Added a button in the Formula panel to Open Parameter Files Using Formula.

Added Power formula in Integer Powers category, optimized for each power.

Added a Hybrid category to the Formula menu, for formulas that depend on iteration count.

Added Alternator and Coupling Loops formulas in the Hybrid category.

Added Alkaleid formula in the Chaotic category.

Added Alternate Angles parameter to Kaleidor formula.

Fixed a bug where changing the formula did not reset the Max Iterations control's default value when it is the usual.

Fixed a bug with Lissajous, Spirograph and Spirotator formulas where increasing Max Iterations in Mandelbrot mode caused a crash.

Lighting tab

Added a Fog panel with controls for depth fog effects.

Fixed a bug where Reset Lighting did not override the In Set and Orbit Trap panel Lock options.

Render window

Rendering is now faster for unlit Mandelbrot mode when Distance calculations are not needed.

What's new in Jux v3.901 (since v3.900)

Coloring tab

Fixed a bug since v3.8 where non-polar Orbit Trap textures in Mandelbrot mode without lighting had incorrect scale and could crash.

What's new in Jux v3.900 (since v3.800)

Formula tab

Added Nova formula in the Integer Powers category.

Coloring tab

Added a First option to the Orbit Traps Trap tab, for individual traps to override the global Trap mode.

Added Supershape to the Orbit Traps Shape list.

Fixed a bug since v3.702 in Orbit Traps where opening an OT preset, randomizing or resetting the Trap tab did not update the Active OT control to show the current trap shape.

Fixed a bug where multiple orbit traps with Trap Mode not First could get coloring from the wrong trap.

Lighting tab

Fixed a bug in v3.8 where errors could occur with Orbit Trap Mode not First and lighting enabled.

What's new in Jux v3.800 (since v3.702)

Fixed a bug in v3.702 where opening a file with multiple orbit traps and Lighting OT Sync off would cause an access violation error.

Fixed a bug in v3.702 where Ctrl-dragging in the preview drew lines instead of a dotted box if the Preview Grid option was set..

Formula tab

Fixed a bug in v3.702 in the Rat N Real formula where setting N to 1 or -1 caused a division by zero error.

Coloring tab

Added a Background control in Orbit Traps Trap tab. This allows using the un-iterated trap to fill the selected region as background behind any iterated traps.

Fixed a bug in v3.702 in the Orbit Traps panel where the Move Up/Down buttons could sometimes cause an out of bounds error.

What's new in Jux v3.702 (since v3.601)

In Preferences, increased the maximum H and V Aspect Ratio values to 2000.

Added grid options to the Preview Center Lines button.

Formula tab

Increased maximum Low Bailout to 25.

Changed some formula parameter controls to dropdown boxes.

The Real Power, Rat N Real and Real Rat formulas are now valid for power down to 0.01.

Added a Version parameter to the SineShine formula, with the Flip SinH option giving the same results as versions before v3.0.

Fixed a bug in the Powerwarp formula where large negative Power with Inversion could cause a Floating Point Division By 0 error.

Fixed a bug in the Lissajous formula where XY Ratio set to 0 caused a Floating Point Division By 0 error.

Coloring tab

Increased the maximum number of Orbit Traps to 12.

Replaced the Active OT buttons with a dropdown list, which shows the trap ID and shape.

Added a toggle button to the Orbit Trap Presets dialog to Lock Trap properties except Shape, Dimension, Variation and Hole.

Added Butterfly and Cube Orbit Trap Shapes.

Many Orbit Trap Shapes now have different and better default values for Dimension and Variation.

Added Exes to Exterior, Interior and Orbit Trap texture patterns.

Added Row Mix 1 and Row Mix 2 to Orbit Trap texture patterns.

In the OT Gradient tab, added a Hard option for the Fade control, and a Part control to offset the Gradient for part of the trap shape.

Fixed a bug in v3.6 where opening a file or restoring memory spots with Interior Texture Pattern 2 set to Weave would cause a List Index Out of Bounds error.

Lighting tab

Replaced the Active OT buttons with a dropdown list, which shows the trap ID and shape.

Fixed a bug where Undo/Redo or opening a parameter file with the Lighting tab showing did not update the Active Orbit Trap lighting controls.

Fixed a bug in v3.6 where Orbit Traps in Cells mode could sometimes have messed up lighting.

Fixed a bug where the Lights and Energy modes for Diffuse and Specular gradients used the reversed gradient.

What's new in Jux v3.601 (since v3.500)

Formula tab

Added Spirotator, Spirograph and Lissajous formulas in the Chaotic category.

Improved speed of chaotic formulas (except for Icon, Gumowski-Mira and Kaleidor.)

Chaotic formulas (except Icon and Gumowski-Mira) can no longer generate Interior points in Julia mode, which are unwanted.

The default MaxIter value when pressing the Spacebar key is now correct for formulas that have different defaults.

Coloring tab

Added a Custom option to the In Set coloring dropdown list.

Added Stripes to both patterns in Exterior texture.

Added Stars and Stripes patterns to pattern 1 in Interior and Orbit Trap textures.

Fixed a bug in Orbit Trap textures where the last seven patterns in the Pattern 1 and Pattern 2 lists did not show correctly in the dropdown controls after restoring from parameter files, color presets or color memory spots.

Lighting tab

Added a Custom option to the In Set contour dropdown list.

Render window

Renamed Adaptive anti-aliasing options and added options for Adaptive 97 and 97 Samples.

Fixed a bug in Adaptive anti-aliasing options where they did not work as well as they should.

Gradient Editor

Fixed a bug where sometimes a node could not be dragged without first switching to another node and back.

What's new in Jux v3.500 (since v3.401)

Setup includes Orbit Trap System presets file that was missing in v3.401.

Formula tab

In the Hypertile formula, increased maximum values for P,Q,R parameters to 16.

Coloring tab

Fixed a bug in v3.401 where the Orbit Trap parameters for Fade, Move Lat and Move Long were not correctly saved in parameter files.

Gradient Editor

Ctrl-drag a node other than the active node to adjust all nodes between it and the active node.

Added Snippets feature for copying and pasting parts of gradients.

What's new in Jux v3.401 (since v3.301)

Changed most toggle buttons to work better with Windows 11.

Formula tab

Added Orbits and Hypertile formulas in the Chaotic category.

Changed default parameters for the Rat Rot formula.

Coloring tab

In the Boundary panel, changed the Fade checkbox to a dropdown list to include an Anti option.

Changed the Orbit Traps Enabled checkbox to a toggle button and rearranged some buttons.

Added buttons to Open and Save Orbit Trap Presets.

Added Bug and Spider Orbit Trap shapes.

In the Orbit Traps Gradient tab, added the Fade control to fade textures towards or away from the edge.

In the Orbit Traps Texture tab, added Move Lat and Move Long controls to move texture position.

Fixed a bug where restoring a color memory spot and Undo operations did not restart the preview if only the orbit trap Iter Steps or Iter Angle parameters had changed.

Fixed a bug where the Interior panel Basin Details button visibility was not updated when opening parameter files.

Lighting tab

Environment maps can now include PNG images.

Reduced the threshold for panoramic images to aspect ratio 1.34 or above, so you can use panoramic images with less than 1.8 ratio.

Fixed a bug with lighting and Orbit Traps in Cells mode that could cause errors.