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Introducing Jux...

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A Julia/Mandelbrot fractal explorer (2D plus lighting).

  • Easy to use, powerful, beautiful
  • Selection of built in formulas with parameters
  • Real-time Julia set explorer
  • Advanced lighting effects for realism or novelty
  • Fully multi-core; anti-aliased rendering

See the Jux page for details.

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Introducing XenoDream...

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Unique 3D graphics software gives you results that would be difficult or impossible using other tools, and more fun doing it.

  • Relax and play with endless novelty in realtime previews
  • Construct or explore, from simple shapes to complex 3D fractal structures
  • Experiment with lighting and textures
  • Export meshes, point clouds or depth maps for other rendering programs
  • Make stereograms, animations and more

Whether you're a serious artist or dabbler, prefer regular routines or intrepid experiments, XenoDream offers rich rewards. Browse through our galleries for some examples, and the XenoDream Program pages to learn more.


August 5 2019: XenoDream 2.7 is released. It includes 5 new metamorphs, new gradient presets and bugfixes. See the XenoDream Program page for more information, and also what's new in v2.7.

July 23 2019: Jux 2.502 is released. See the Jux page for details.

June 19 2019: Jux 2.501 is released.

March 27 2019: Jux 2.4 is released.

January 20 2019: Jux 2.3 is released.

December 12 2018: Jux 2.2 is released.

March 23 2018: Jux 2.1 is released.

October 27 2017: Jux 2.0 is released, featuring orbit traps.

May 29 2017: XenoDream Music label first album launched.

April 7 2017: Jux 1.7 is released.

March 5 2017: Added a new gallery of Jux pictures.

December 24 2016: Jux 1.6 is released.

December 7 2016: Jux 1.5 is released.

July 1 2016: Jux 1.4 is released.

May 3 2016: Jux 1.3 is released.

November 29 2015: XenoDream 2.6 is released.

November 20 2015: Jux 1.2 is released.

October 14 2015: Jux 1.1 is released.

May 13 2015: Jux 1.0 is released. An easy to use Julia explorer with lighting effects.


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