Jux v4.2 Gallery

(Feb 2023) Pictures made with Jux v4.2 or earlier

Jux v1.6 Gallery

(Mar 2017) Pictures made with Jux v1.6 or earlier

V2.4 Gallery

(Oct 2012) Pictures made with XenoDream v2.3 or v2.4

V2.3 Gallery

(Nov 2010) Pictures made with XenoDream v2.1 to v2.3

Guest Gallery 1

(Aug 2008) XenoDream work by various artists - mainly mechanical

Guest Gallery 2

(Aug 2008) XenoDream work by various artists - biological and realism

Guest Gallery Exports

(Aug 2008/Jan 2009) XenoDream meshes rendered with other programs by various artists

December 2007

(Dec 2007) Pictures made with XenoDream v1.6 or v2

Mesh Export

(July 2005/Sep 2008) Objects exported as meshes and rendered in Bryce or Indigo


(April 2005) Trees and plants made with v1.5

March 2004

(March 2004) Pictures and objects, mostly using v1.2

Easter 2002

(April 2002) More examples, some made with v1.1


(Late 1999) Developmental explorations.

Beta Artist Websites

Art by past and present XenoDream™ beta testers