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Yes, the Color page controls determine how the points in the object get their intrinsic color.
In the Metamorph method, each metamorph produces three patterns which vary with x,y,z position, and you choose one of these patterns or a mixture, and map it to a gradient to choose the colors in the pattern. The patterns generally follow the shape of the metamorph in some way, or they may just be stripes in some direction. This makes sense for coloring constructors. For iterators this will not follow the shape of the iterator holon, so it usually looks better to let it inherit patterns from other holons.

When there are no constructors, as you have seen, the iterators make a more complicated fractal shape. Stripes or other geometric patterns can be used, but it's usually nicer to have coloring that follows the shape. For this you need something like the Holon Sequence method. The patterns come from the unique sequence of iterations that define each point, giving each pixel a possibly unique color. Unfortunately this is hard to control in any nice way, so setting the colors tends to involve either randomizing or trial and error adjustments. Some details of this method are given in the Help and the user guide so I won't say more about it unless you have specific questions.

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