How to? Circular Center in Jux image
As you probably know, any point in Mandelbrot mode has a corresponding Julia set that depends on the location, and exploring the Mandelbrot set shows that Julia set in the thumbnail. At c=0,0 the Julia set is a simple circle. A similar thing happens at every miniature Mandelbrot - a Julia set corresponding the location within the minibrot, but with filaments going out similarly to the minibrot. C won't be 0,0 at the minibrots, but the corresponding point will have a circular Julia set at the center, and small variations will give the range of other Julia shapes. You can usually use Julia exploring to see the variations, with Precision increased, but with large zooms you may need to increase Low Bailout and Julia Max Iterations to see it and sometimes the Julia explorer doesn't keep pace with the main settings.

In this particular case, C real is still 0 because the minibrot is on the main antenna to keep all the rays straight and symmetric, which is not usually the case.

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