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(07-23-2017, 07:22 AM)Garth Thornton Wrote: The points are random samples in the 3D object. For rendering we have a grid of pixels and additional information such as depth and shadows. For each point we find the nearest pixel, see if it's in front of the current depth at that pixel and if so, put the new color and depth into that pixel. (With color anti-aliasing, or transparency, there is some blurring of the colors at the pixel, depending on relative depths.) So a raster image results from accumulating these point samples. But the image only has the flat colors that depend on the position within each holon. So the lighting calculations are needed as a second step to see what the effects of shining lights on the object would be. The raster image you see in rendering is an intermediate view with raw colors.
Dear Garth,

Thank you for your reply.

You said “The points are random samples in the 3D object.” So each point has an x,y, z position within the object? And, enough points create a shape?

Then you said there is a “grid of pixels.” Is it a 2-D grid? Or is it a 3-D grid (that is, a 2-D grid with layers)?

Doctor T

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