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Sierpincrowns - Garth Thornton - 08-08-2013

Using tile metamorphs is the easy way to make Sierpinski objects with symmetry.

RE: Sierpincrowns - Teena - 08-08-2013

Thank you so much for the xep files, Garth! The crowns look spectacular.

RE: Sierpincrowns - PatGoltz - 08-11-2013

This is amazing! Thank you!

RE: Sierpincrowns - madfractalist - 08-12-2013

No 2 has a really WOW-Effect

RE: Sierpincrowns - Garth Thornton - 08-20-2013

Here is another one, with different kind of detail.

RE: Sierpincrowns - PatGoltz - 08-20-2013

I like the added variation in color, and also the new details. The whole series is nice.